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Night Hunter Australia brings you the Best Prices and Performance on Night Vision, Thermals and Torches / Flash lights for Hunting and the Outdoors


Night Hunter is 100% Austraian Owned web store based in South Australia with a focus on providing specialist high performance and quality torches, flashlights, night vision, thermal imaging and LED lighting products. Satisfaction is our guarantee and we have the expertise to recommend the right equipment to get the job done effectively. With product for all budgets we will get you the right equipment to handle your mission or task at hand.

Our customers include people involved in hunting, shooting, law enforcement, military, archery, auto, 4x4, fishing, boating, bush walking, nature watching or anything you can do outdoors at night. Night Hunter has been developed by outdoor and hunting enthusiasts to provide high performance and quality products at a reasonable cost. Our main focus is on supplying products you can use at night to improve your ability to see and successfully whether it is for please or work. We can help you with the right equipment to shoot rats in a barn, Roo’s in a paddock to commercial pest eradication on broad acre farms, Night Hunter can help you get the job done.

Our range includes torches, spotlights, night vision monoculars, night vision googles, night vision rifle scopes, night vision clip on scopes, thermal imaging monoculars, thermal imaging goggles, thermal imaging rifle scopes, thermal imaging clip-on devices, optical rifle scopes, prism / red dot sights, optics, game cameras, security monitoring, Hard cases, flashing emergency lights, LED lightbars, LED worklights,  and soon other general shooting and hunting accessories.

Brands include ATN, Armasight, Pulsar, Yukon, FLIR, night Master, ULIS, OPGAL, Thermapp, Wilcox, Laserluch,  night vison, thermals and accessories. Moutrie, Scoutguard, Boly Guard, Spypoint, Reconyx, LtlAcorn trail Cameras. Leopold, Nikon, Schmidt and Bender, Swarovski, Zeiss, night force, Minox, vortex optical scopes. Maglite, Wolf eyes, Led Lenser, Olight, Jet Beam, Night Core, Night Force, PowaBeam, power beam, torches, spot lights and hand held spot lights and vehicle mounted lights.

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  • Ben 09/02/2018
    “ The T67 MK III 940nm IR is a must have when wanting to shoot prdators the T67 940nm seems to have the ability to go undectcted by foxes and wild... „    more dogs You dont get the longer distances out of the 940nm T67 like you do with the 850nm T67 but you still get the ability to ID your prey out to 250 to 350m and with the convenience of 3 power settings for those closer shot and to change from flood to spot Highly recommended to enhance you Xsights If you want to be unseen by foxes and dogs at shorter distances the T67 MK III 940nm IR is the way to go  „
  • Peter 22/12/2017
    “ The M3X-UT Javelot torch is my go to torch when out hunting 4x4ing or camping. The long throw of the M3X is excellent for mounting on your scope to shoot game... „    more rather than relying on the spot lighter to keep the spotlight on the game you are after. The magnetic barrel mount is excellent for scanning for prey you can remove it from the barrel scan for prey once spotted place it back on the barrel and take the shot a lot easier on the arms than scanning with it permanently mounted on the rifle The magnetic mount also comes in handy when you need to place the light in a certain position like fixing something under the bonnet of the 4x4 or placing it on something so you can skin your rabbits or scalp your foxes The M3X is an excellent torch for looking for that downed game with its long throw and its 1200 lumens it makes an excellent choice for looking for your downed game or scanning the paddock for game. I found the run time for the M3X is about 1.5 hours non stop on high power and close to double that on low power using good quality 18650 batteries. I’ve have also found that the olight warranty is excellent I had the early model M3X that was playing up took it back to the dealer and was fixed no questions ask after 2 years.  „
  • tim 21/06/2017
    “ these are an awesome battery they are a 4.2 volt rechargeable that has a special top or chip set that reduces volts to 1.5v so that the devise has full... „    more voltage till the batteries are fully flat About 9 hours in my experience these last easy 20 times longer than new disposables and 1.2v rechargeable simply don't work for longer than 20min as they are 1.2v to start with so the volt alert happens very quickly Kentli are the only 1.5 volt AA rechargeable worthy of purchase for not just ATN gear dont worry about external battery packs just 8 kentil ,4 as spares that you most probably wont need to fit in a evenings hunting Tim  „
  • Michael 28/10/2016
    Good product does what it should. illumination to 400m easily.
  • Peter 28/10/2016
    “ The T67 is a must have when wanting to shoot longer distances and the ability to ID your prey out to 300 to 400m with the convenience of 3 power... „    more settings for those closer shot and to change from flood to spot Highly recommended to enhance you Xsights  „
  • Peter 21/04/2015
    Used the solar torch found it reliable and when I needed it. The torch worked better than excepted
Site Reviews
B Porter
Thanks for the great support and helping me setup my ATN X- Sight 5-20, works great and now got a couple foxes down. I have purchased the T67 IR illuminator to go with it on your advice and it give heaps more range, Keep up the good work!..
Mick Pagonis
Purchased the Olight M3X on your recommendation, WOW it's Awesome thanks so much for providing great products and service..
David W
I have had my X-Sight now for about 9 months. I have 3 profiles for it. 22,17 HMR and 222. Flicking between these is simple and never any zero issues. Have bought a bigger IR reflector from Peter and was totally satisfied with his service. Also the Australian Xsight owners group on FB is a great source of information..
Dean M
I purchased the ATN night scope several months ago for the purpose of hunting wild dogs The wild dogs are spotlight shy and don't come out through the day the scope does a great job. I've taken three so far with the scope and the advice and feedback from Night Hunter has been great and any difficulties I have had in operating the scope the company has responded quickly with advice. I would highly recommend the scope and the company I brought it from. ..