About - Night Hunter Australia

Nighthunter Australia is your one-stop shop for quality thermals, torches, and flashlights for hunting and the outdoors.

You can find an array of gadgets with us, such as:

·         Game / trail cameras

·         Rifle scopes optics, prisms, red dot sights

·         Torches and flashlights for hunting shooting and the outdoors

·         Night vision goggles, and monocular

·         Night vision gadgets, ie, goggles, monocular, rifle scopes, clip on scopes

·         Thermal imaging gadgets, ie, monocular, goggles, rifle scopes, and clip-on devices

·          Cameras

·         CCTV security monitoring appliances

Whether you are looking for high-performance and high-tech gadgets or regular, everyday contraptions, we have something for you. Our products are guaranteed to meet your requirements, as well as your budget. We manufacture and supply products at a reasonable price.

Our customers include hunters, military men, archers, and the personnel from law enforcement agencies. We also design gadgets for adventurists and people interested in fishing, boating, bush walking, nature watching or doing other outdoor activities.

Our prime objective is to supply products that facilitate seeing at night or in the dark.


You will find the gadgets of following brands with us:


  • ATN                                                                          FLIR
  • Armasight                                                               Night Master
  • Pulsar                                                                     Yukon
  • ULIS                                                                         OPGAL
  • Thermapp                                                               Wilcox
  • Laserluch,                                                               Moutrie
  • Scoutguard                                                             Boly Guard
  • Spypoint                                                                 Reconyx
  • LtlAcorn                                                                  Minox
  • Leopold                                                                   Nikon
  • Schmidt and Bender                                             Swarovski
  • Zeiss                                                                       Maglite
  • Wolf eyes                                                               Led Lenser
  • Olight                                                                     Jet Beam
  • Night Core                                                              Night Force      
  • PowaBeam