Sniper Hog Light
Sniper Hog Light 66LRX The Sniper Hog Light is a well built all round illuminator it has a variety of pills to choose from in the full kit that we offer and a choice of dimmer switches so the illuminator can be set to the exact illumination of your choice The 66LRX comes with a good variety of pills including red green white and the 850nm and a 940nm infrared pills to cover night vision With its adjustable head it can be set to flood or spot at the twist of a wrist and when in spot it is amazing the distance you can see with it no matter which pill you are using white red or green and..
Easy Guide to IR Illuminators
The T67 MK III 850nm IR is a must have when wanting to shoot longer distances and the ability to ID your prey out to 300m to 350m plus with the convenience of 3 power settings for those closer shot and to change from flood to spot when needed the T67 MK III is Highly recommended to enhance you Xsights if wanting to shoot longer distances The T67 MK III 940nm IR is a must have when wanting to shoot predators the T67 940nm seems to have the ability to go undectcted by foxes and wild dogs You dont get the longer distances out of the 940nm T67 MK III like you do with the 850nm T67 MK III ..
A Quick Guide to Trail Cameras
A Quick Guide to Trail Cameras There are a wide variety of trail cameras on the market These range from the Panoramic to the no glow or black IR for night vision pictures and video’s to the ones that have many mega pixels for a very clear image and come in a variety of sizes. The Panoramic trail cameras are just what there tittle implies they take a panoramic view of the area in which you have set the camera up they are usually a 150 or 180 degree panoramic view  they can be set to take video or pics these trail camera are quite expensive and fairly large The No Glow or Invisi..
Simple Guide to Thermals
Simple Guide to Thermals Everyone would love to own and shoot with a thermal rifle sight here is a short guide for purchasing a thermal sight Firstly you must know at what distance you will be shooting your game at this determines which thermal sight will suit your needs to get good identification of your prey Keep in mind that all you are going to see is the thermal image of what you are about to shoot at and is sometimes very hard to identify your prey unless its walking or running or very close I have totally mistaken a fox for a stump for just the fact it was sitting still and ..
Selecting a game caller when hunting fox’s or Wild dogs
There are many different callers on the market from the  manual mouth callers to the top of the range electronic callers  The mouth caller are a simple caller and usually inexpensive but I have found some to be easy to master and some not so easy, most are effective to a point but I found they are a pain to use when  your trying to shoot and blow at the same time and some of the metal ones leave a fowl taste in your mouth  The Electronic callers I have found are probably the easiest to use and most versatile of callers you can get on the market today there is a wide range..
Hints and tips to get the best out your Xsight
1: Download manual from      Familiarise yourself with the features this is best done before mounting it on your rifle 2: Once you have placed a good set of lithium or Kentli batteries in the your Xsight      Go into the settings and check to see if the Xsight has the latest firmware     If not download as per manual instructions and before loading the new firmware onto the SD card do a full re format of the card     If so do a factory reset ( this can be found in the settings)     After reset it will prompt ..
Mounting the X-sight II
There are a few ways to mount an Xsight on your rifle what you are looking to do is move the Xsight back about two inches so you can get good eye position on the eye piece   First and most important thing is to have a full length standard Picatinny rail on your rifle you can pick these up from your local gun store so you get the correct fitting pic rail for your rifle or off Ebay if you know which rail is the correct rail for your rifle or if you have a dovetail mount you will have to get a dovetail to Picatinny rail adaptor Second is the Riser Extension Rail which is most important thi..
Fox Shooting At Night 5-20x  ATN X-Sight II
Fox Shooting At Night Using The 5-20x ATN X-Sight II Equipment:                            Tikka T3 .204 and .223 more the .204 on fox’s                          5-20 XSight II - Product here                         T67 After market IR - Product here                         FoxPro Inferno with an extension horn speaker..
How Night Vision Works
Night vision goggles boost a dim, dark scene in a series of simple steps: Dim light from a night scene enters the lens at the front. The light is made of photons (particles of light) of all colors. As the photons enter the goggles, they strike a light-sensitive surface called a photocathode. It's a bit like a very precise solar panel: it's job is to convert photons into electrons (the tiny, subatomic particles that carry electricity round a circuit). The electrons are amplified by a photomultiplier, a kind of photoelectric cell. Each electron entering the photomultiplier results in m..