A Quick Guide to Trail Cameras

Date Posted:26 September 1029 

There are a wide variety of trail cameras on the market

There are a wide variety of trail cameras on the market

These range from the Panoramic to the no glow or black IR for night vision pictures and video’s to the ones that have many mega pixels for a very clear image and come in a variety of sizes.

The Panoramic trail cameras are just what there tittle implies they take a panoramic view of the area in which you have set the camera up they are usually a 150 or 180 degree panoramic view  they can be set to take video or pics these trail camera are quite expensive and fairly large

The No Glow or Invisible infrared trail cameras are infra-red illuminator that the camera uses when taking picture’s or video at night most trail cameras use a 850nm infra-red illuminator at night but the No Glow or Invisible IR cameras use a 940nm IR which is almost invisible to the game that you are getting pictures and video of, these trail cameras are ideal when getting pictures and video of Foxes, Dogs and in security situations where the camera does not want to be detected.

The normal Infrared illuminator led on the trail cameras are the 850nm and the more led you have on the trail camera the bigger the distance your trail camera flash will see out.

When looking at buying trail cameras there is usually a different Mega pixel size on the trail camera for instance 2MP, 4MP, 8MP, 12MP or 14MP this is referring to the size of the picture size that the trail camera can take the bigger the Mega pixels the better quality of the picture and the bigger the mega pixel the more you can zoom in on the picture without losing image quality when looking at the pictures on a computer and the videos are usually taken in 720p or 1080p and higher in some cases which are high quality video recording modes to get good quality videos

Most trail cameras you can set them to take a burst of photos at so many second or minute interval when the camera is triggered or to take a set amount of time with the video or take a photo and then a video at the required length that the Trail camera will allow some cameras also allow you to set different time lapse intervals and change the photo resolution from 2MP up to 14MP and video resolution this allows you to set a certain photo or video resolution as not to fill your SD card up if you will not be checking it for a long period

All most all trail cameras run on AA batteries from 4 to 8 batteries and some you can buy solar panels for

This blog has only covered some of the basic features of some trail cameras

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