Hints and tips to get the best out your Xsight

Date Posted:26 September 2019 

  1. Download manual from www.atncorp.com
    Familiarise yourself with the features this is best done before mounting it on your rifle
  2. Once you have placed a good set of lithium or Kentli batteries in the your Xsight 
    Go into the settings and check to see if the Xsight has the latest firmware
    If not download as per manual instructions and before loading the new firmware onto the SD card do a full re format of the card
    If so do a factory reset ( this can be found in the settings)
    After reset it will prompt you to do a reboot this is done by removing the battery cap for 20 sec
  3. Now you can start setting your Xsight up
    In settings find the device type put in your particular device 3-14 or 5-20
    Turn the Geo Tag off 
    Select metric or standard (feet inches)
  4. Focusing the Viewer this is best done by putting the lens cap on and  bringing up the menu and turning the focus until you have a clear view of the lettering on the menu
  5. Focusing the Xsight the focus knob maybe tight when first new if you work the knob back and 
    Forth it will free up it is tight so that the recoil of your rifle does not shift the focus 
    The focus only needs a minute amount of adjustment to get the best focus unless  what you are 
    Focusing on is close or at distance
  6. Mounting the Xsight  as to get the eye piece as close to your eye as possible either by putting your
    Rail on backwards (on the Tikka T3’s ) or by purchasing a riser extension rail 
  7. Zeroing the Xsight is best done with the sunshade on and with the little plate with the hole in it
    It will give you clearer focus and clarity 
    Zeroing the Xsight is best done using a large target (big piece of cardboard ) at first as to find your point of impact 
    Start at 50m on base zoom take your first shot (you may need a black marker pen to highlight the point of impact of your shot)  
    Whilst holding the reticle on the bullseye move the other reticle to the POI using the up down left right buttons then push enter to save
    Now move out to 100m metres an repeat( your POI is going to be high at 100m)
    Once your within 50mm of the bullseye zoom in to 20x zoom now you have zoomed in the reticle adjustment has now become more precise
    For instance at base zoom the reticle moves in increments of 4 lets say  25mm 1” for example and when zoomed in to 20x zoom the reticle moves by 1 increment lets say 6.25mm ¼” for example 
  8. Night Vision and IR adjustment to get the best out of night vision set your screen brightness to 2
    Light sensitivity to medium
    The IR needs to be centred to the centre of the field of view  using the elevation and windage adjusters 
    When shooting long distances with theT67 you may need to zoom the IR in until you start to see dark shading around the FOV
    re- adjust the elevation and windage so you just start to see the dark shading at the bottom of your FOV
  9. External battery pack, plug your external battery pack in push the button on the external battery pack then turn your Xsight on the Xsight will sense the battery pack is connected  and will use the power pack to power the Xsight instead of the internal batteries
  10. Profiles can be renamed and edited via the Obsidian App the Password is atn_obsidian be aware hat other Wi-Fi signal may interfere with the connection of the app to the Xsight if the app is not responding to the Xsight try removing the battery cap for 20 seconds and try again 
  11. Micro SD Card it is recommended to use a class 10 up to 64 gig if not using a new SD card
    It is recommended to do a full format of the card before using it, maybe needed with a new card also when updating the Firmware this will guard against problems when updating the firmware
  12. With most problems a factory reset will resolve the problem just remember to write your XY zero  down
  13. Video settings:  when using the xsight in day mode if you go into the video settings and change it from 1080p to 720p you will find that this will cut down on a lot of lag that is experience in 1080p setting
    This will only work in day mode
  14. When shooting push the record button as this will make the reticle finer very good when shooting long distance        

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