Selecting a game caller when hunting fox’s or Wild dogs

Date Posted:26 September 2019 

There are many different callers on the market from the manual mouth callers to the top of the range electronic callers

There are many different callers on the market from the  manual mouth callers to the top of the range electronic callers 
The mouth caller are a simple caller and usually inexpensive but I have found some to be easy to master and some not so easy, most are effective to a point but I found they are a pain to use when  your trying to shoot and blow at the same time and some of the metal ones leave a fowl taste in your mouth 

The Electronic callers I have found are probably the easiest to use and most versatile of callers you can get on the market today there is a wide range of electronic callers available on the market from the basic inexpensive ones like the Cass Creek Hand held units to the IHunt Bluetooth speaker unit  these have limited range but effective in situations where you don’t need the call to travel any great distances like getting the attention of a fox/dogs in long grass or getting it to come out of blackberry bushes and bush and the like

The more expensive electronic callers like the FoxPro series of electronic caller have many features built into them and extremely good speaker to get the sound out to very long distances to get the best result from the caller most models of the FoxPro caller have a good real life call list of calls in the units for fox/dog hunting so you can change to different calls to see what is going to work in the area’s your hunting fox’s/dogs and have several button so you can program a particular call as priority calls so its just a matter of pushing the particular priority button to change from one call to another if the fox/dog looses interest in that particular call, most of the FoxPro range are fully programmable so you can programme your favourite call into the unit if it hasn’t got that call in its call list 

The FoxPro series has also got their famous Fox Bang feature which you can programme a particular call into the unit and set it so when you take the shot the call automatically turns the particular call on straight after your shot to get the attention of other fox’s or dogs in the vicinity
Most of the FoxPro range have remote controls so you can control the unit from a distance of a 100m or more while your in your hide and control the call you want to use the volume and a decoy which can be added to particular callers in the Foxpro range
The FoxPro range also has a external speaker outlet in particular units so you can add a external speaker and have it mounted to your bulbar whilst driving around Spotlighting for fox’s 

I use the FoxPro Wildfire caller (which is the old version of the Inferno) for spotlighting fox’s and have found this particular unit a must when hunting  fox’s  whether it to be calling them in from 400m out into 100m or for just getting the attention of a fox so it will stop and look for that 10 seconds so you can get the shot off 

There is a FoxPro in the FoxPro range that will suit your particular situation and is a must for any fox  hunter or wild dog hunter

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