“ Purchased 5-20 xsight early this year .. upgraded to t67 ir and used the recommended kentli batteries.. i have only really used it at night .. takes a little fine tuning.. but does the job .. best shot so far is a fox 240m ,, i dont use any of the geotag or range finder and ballistic stuff so cant comment on that .. the xsight facebook pages are very helpful .. overall im happy with the xsight and the service that Peter provides  „
“ I have had my X-Sight now for about 9 months. I have 3 profiles for it. 22,17 HMR and 222. Flicking between these is simple and never any zero issues. Have bought a bigger IR reflector from Peter and was totally satisfied with his service. Also Also the Australian Xsight owners group on FB is a great source of information „
“ The Xsight is the most amazing scope I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning certainly not as clear as Glass opics but you can’t put the Xsight in the same class as glass, and there is nothing else like it on the market with so many features, as an entry level night/day vision scope it is a total game changer when hunting game in particular fox’s at night as they just don’t know you are there Straight out the box you can shoot out 100 to 150m and with a good set of lithium batteries run it for around four hours with just the basics on, but you will need a full pic rail and a riser extension rail to mount it on your rifle so you can get your eye up to the eye piece But if you are like me you like to get the most out of something when you purchase it so I upgraded to the battery pack upgraded the internal batteries and the big improvement was the upgrade to an aftermarket T67 IR now the run time has been boosted to 22 hours including the internal batteries and my shooting distance has been boosted to 300m for fox’s and larger size game like deer you could shoot out to 400m with good ID Most hunter I think would be like me and just want good clarity in day and night mode which the Xsight will give you but the big decider for me was the night vision and to only use basic features, and for the modern hunter that likes his bells and whistles well the Xsight has plenty of them with HD pictures and video Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Geo Tag, Range Finder, Ballistics calculator all there to play with and add the optional laser range finder and a remote control to remotely control the XSight you get one amazing digital rifle scope  „
tim 21/06/2017 Kentli Batteries
“ these are an awesome battery they are a 4.2 volt rechargeable that has a special top or chip set that reduces volts to 1.5v so that the devise has full voltage till the batteries are fully flat About 9 hours in my experience these last easy 20 times longer than new disposables and 1.2v rechargeable simply don't work for longer than 20min as they are 1.2v to start with so the volt alert happens very quickly Kentli are the only 1.5 volt AA rechargeable worthy of purchase for not just ATN gear dont worry about external battery packs just 8 kentil ,4 as spares that you most probably wont need to fit in a evenings hunting Tim  „
“ great scope, makes it easy when shooting by yourself to see something with the spotlight and then put it down and use the night vision to finish the job. „
“ Good product does what it should. illumination to 400m easily. „
“ The T67 is a must have when wanting to shoot longer distances and the ability to ID your prey out to 300 to 400m with the convenience of 3 power settings for those closer shot and to change from flood to spot Highly recommended to enhance you Xsights  „
“ great torch and excellent service, well done nighthunter.  „
“ Used the solar torch found it reliable and when I needed it. The torch worked better than excepted „