“ I've been using various 12v and small battery IR spotlights on Gen 1 binoculars for 10 years. The Supernova is way ahead of anything I've used. I pick up fox eyes out past 300m and I get a good image anywhere in my 5 acre front paddock. The variable power is great to conserve battery and the beam is easily narrowed for those far out targets.  „
“ The Flir Breach PTQ136 is a compact light weight thermal imaging monocular I found it to be high quality images and a good detection range of pig out to 250 yards and a ID range of 150 yards Can be helmet mounted or hung around your neck like I do with it you can record video if you want has an easy menu system and many different color palettes It has made finding pig a breeze  „
“ The predator double case holds all ATN accessories and my Tikka rifle with my Xsight still mounted to my rifle „
“ The Night Tech HD-25 Lite thermal hand held is a must for my hunting kit with the ability to detect fox size game out to 200m Plus and deer size game out to 500m Plus with good image quality and a run time of up to 5 hours. This compact thermal imager is light weight so you don’t get arm fatigue when scanning for long period looking for game and the simple to use four button functions makes it a breeze to use. The Night Tech HD25 with its 384 x 288 sensors and a 50hz refresh rate and three colour palettes and the excellent 640x480 LCD screen gives you excellent image quality This compact thermal hand held would also be ideal for wildlife observation, search & rescue or security and surveillance applications.  „
“ Perfect machining. Solid mount. Very good quality product. Highly recommend. „
“ Latches are good and tough also case is tough. Hinges are solid. foam set up is good Wouldnt trust its water proof rating of IP 67 as i ran a test in a bath to test the seals just under water surface and the seal was wet. I dont usually drown gun cases but the case was still dry and would be good for dust and water ingress. Could do with a set of wheels and handle to suit „
“ Excellent quality. Very sturdy. I would recommend this product with confidence. It fit straight on with no modifications. „
tim 21/06/2017 Kentli Batteries
“ these are an awesome battery they are a 4.2 volt rechargeable that has a special top or chip set that reduces volts to 1.5v so that the devise has full voltage till the batteries are fully flat About 9 hours in my experience these last easy 20 times longer than new disposables and 1.2v rechargeable simply don't work for longer than 20min as they are 1.2v to start with so the volt alert happens very quickly Kentli are the only 1.5 volt AA rechargeable worthy of purchase for not just ATN gear dont worry about external battery packs just 8 kentil ,4 as spares that you most probably wont need to fit in a evenings hunting Tim  „
“ The T67 is a must have when wanting to shoot longer distances and the ability to ID your prey out to 300 to 400m with the convenience of 3 power settings for those closer shot and to change from flood to spot Highly recommended to enhance you Xsights  „