Infiray / Iray


Night Hunter is pleased to offer you infiray outdoors (Iray) Thermal Monoculars. Infiray prevoulsy Iray / Xinfrared products feature advanced optics capable of detecting targets our to extreme distances, certain products also feature built-in recording capabilities, long run times, multiple colour pallets, High-resolution HD screens, 50Hz sensors in 384x288 and 640x512 resolutions. WIFI live streaming video and blue Tooth Connectivity, Picture in picture and hot spot tracking as well. These are tools for the Pros but affordable and cheap to own for the average hunter.


Infiray Outdoors technology has just released new two generation thermal imagers the XEye Series & XEye II Series


Infiray Eye Series: Compact & elegant design and easy to use operation and functions make the XEye series thermal imaging monocular the ideal choice in darkness

Infiray Eye II Series: Same as the XEye Series but with a Bigger HD display and more multi-functional operations to enhance and record your outdoor activities

Infiray Rico Series: Is a multifunctional and highly expandable infrared thermal imaging product. The product is featured with an optional laser rangefinder, detachable battery pack, eyepiece magnification up to 16 times, and comprehensive upgrade of the software interface.

InfiRay Mini Series: Is the smallest fully multi-functional 12-micron thermal imaging monocular on the market. It can be used as a handheld monocular or helmet-mounted monocular. The Infiray Mini Series features Bluetooth, picture-in-picture, and compatibility with rechargeable 16650 batteries as well as an external power supply.

Infiray Finder Series: Products are light and easy to carry, especially suitable for a one-handed operation that can be put in a pocket anytime and anywhere. The compact design and built-in laser rangefinder makes the Finder the best choice for outdoor investigation.

Infiray Clip Series: is designed as an attachment for any type of the standard day scope. NO REZEROING is needed just CLAMP&SHOOT. It is a dual-use camera since it can be switched into a professional monocular with the standard delivered eyepiece in few seconds. Now expanding your detection ability together with your day-scope.



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