Kentli Batteries & Chargers

This battery uses lithium-ion cells, and changes the voltage of 3.7V to the constant output voltage of 1.5 V through voltage conversion technology. It completely replaces the disposable alkaline batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Meanwhile, the stable output voltage of 1.5V of universal lithium batteries solves the problem that some electric appliances are unable to work because NI-MH rechargeable batteries' voltage is too low (1.2V). It has greatly improved the battery life. Battery has two outlet ends, the output of one end is 1.5V, the normal use of electrodes; the other end is 3.7V, used to charge the battery.

These rechargeable batteries will give you up to 3 times the life of standard Alkaline and are perfect for all AA and AAA electronics that require 1.5V


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Kentli Batteries +USB Charger
4pcs KENTLI PH5 1.5v 2800mWh rechargeable Lithium AA PH5 battery with USB Charger   UNIVE..
Ex Tax: $81.77
Kentli Batteries
4pcs KENTLI 1.5V AA 2800mWh Lithium AA Rechargeble Battery ! Note: The Kentli Battery Charger Mus..
Ex Tax: $72.68
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