Pulsar Thermal and Night Vision Optics

Night Hunter is a leading distributor of Pulsar Products in Australia, providing you with the best prices and service in the industry.

Pulsars Goals:

  • We are hunters.
  • We live with a passion to make you see beyond the invisible
We know there is a field with no compromise for quality and comfort. For us it’s the whole spectrum of optic devices for hunters, fishermen, researchers, travelers, tourists, rescuers, sportsmen and other civilian activities you can name. All of them are experienced and professional users and they gave us trust and recognition to be the leading global manufacturer of consumer thermal imaging, digital and image intensified devices.
We are proud of our great brand names bringing you the experience powered by our technologies
Professional line of optic and electro-optic devices with enhanced functionality for experienced users and specialists in different spheres: hunting, animal research observation (incl. without direct visibility and in difficult atmospheric conditions), night and thermal photo and video shooting, search and rescue. Integration with external computer devices and internet connection is a standard for developing new products and modifying the existing ones.

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