Sniper Hog Light 40KAP Headlamp

Sniper Hog Light 40KAP Headlamp
Sniper Hog Light 40KAP Headlamp
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Sniper Hog Light 40KAP Headlamp with 1 Colour (white) + 2 Battery’s + Double USB Charger

Full dimmer for adjusting the brightness from 10-100%. 
Focusable from full flood beam to full spot beam.
Operates on 2 18650 protected batteries.
Interchangeable LED modules so you can change the color the light emits. 
The LED module color determines the color of light the headlamp will emit.
Optional Light Shield available in the options above. The light shield is to remove any unwanted light hitting the hunter or the hunters equipment. 
Power plug so you can unplug when not in use so the light doesn't come on accidentally. 
Adjustable head strap, headlamp can be worn with or without a hat.
Will run about 4 hours at full power with almost no dimming the entire time with all colors.
White shines 622 yards and puts out 81,090 Candela
Simply the furthest shining headlamp on the market for it's size and our nearest competitor doesn't even come close to the distance this headlamp shines. 
This headlamp is perfect for scanning or shooting when predator hunting, Camping, backpacking, walking to and from your hunting stand, and really anything you need a light for. 

  • The head is made out of aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Battery pack is made out of durable hard plastic.
  • Heavy duty wire from head to battery pack to resist damage.
  • Weighs about 14 ounces with 2 18650 batteries.
  • Well balanced with about 6 ounces at the head and 6 ounces at the battery pack.
  • Adjustable durable nylon head strap.
  • The head measures about 1.75 inches across and is about 3.25 inches long in full flood beam and 3.75 inches long in full spot beam.
  • Water resistant not waterproof. No problem using in the rain. 
  • Head is adjustable up and down so you can get it to line up where your looking while wearing it on your head. 
  • 2 Year Warranty

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