Torrey Pines- T12-V Mini Thermal Riflescope

Torrey Pines- T12-V Mini Thermal Riflescope
Torrey Pines- T12-V Mini Thermal Riflescope
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T12-V Mini Thermal Riflescope

The T12-V Mini Thermal Riflescope is designed for short range rimfire and air rifle use, attaching to your rifle using a picatinny mount system (adaptors are available)

Ideal for hunters as well as for hand held use with flexible mounting options including picatinny rail, tripod mount and handle attachment.

With a viewing range of up to 150m (wild boar sized object), and 8.33 degree field of view the T12-V simply attaches to your riflescope picatinny rail using an allen key fitting, and you can then select from a choice of reticles to target quarry day or night.

Unimpeded by cover the T12-V allows you to detect heat sources from rats, rabbits etc, and adjust the reticle point of impact digitally to zero at different distances.

Ideal for air rifle ranges, the T12-V will be a welcome addition to the pest controllers arsenal.


  • Max 150m detection range (wild boar sized object)
  • 8.33 degree field of view
  • 9hz refresh rate
  • Features:
  • On board image processing enhancement
  • Multiple thermal palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, NV Green and Colour modes
  • Manual and Auto NUC capability
  • Temperature readout
  • Battery Power level display
  • Auto Power save 
  • User selectable reticles
  • Picatinny rifle mount

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