Trail Cameras Australia

Night Hunter Australia brings you a wide range of Trail / Game Cameras that are proven performers, these include cameras from Moultrie, Scout Guard, Spypoint, Reconyx and others. Trail cameras are perfect for finding out what game is doing while you are not there or who is visiting for security purposes. Trail or Game Cameras are a avalible in standalone models or GSM / SIM card models that send the photos or video via text message or email to your phone or computer, GSM / SIM Game Cameras are ideal for alerting you to the presents of game or an intruder and allowing you to react quiclky day or night. Cameras work a night and most are fitted with Black Flash in the 940nm light sectrum invisable to animals or humans. We test in the feild all cameras we sell and have rated them according to our findings, please brouse our range of cameras to find the one that best suits your needs and and budjet.